Saga Asad New Man Digital Album


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Track List
  1. New Man
  2. Nivel
  3. Grey Matter (feat Sidewalk Kal Vic Spencer)
  4. Fleaz
  5. Loyalty (feat A. Billi Free)
  6. Rorschach
  7. Hues
  8. Legerdemain
  9. Tefnut
  10. Earned
  11. Keep it real
Album Bio

In the World through which I travel, I am endlessly creating myself.” — Frantz Fanon 

New Man is the LATEST album from Saga Asad, produced by August Fanon. 

Created over the course of two years, NEW MAN takes the listener on Saga’s journey after a near death experience, and the rebirth it prompted. Shedding his self doubt, The experience changed how Saga approached creating, producing and releasing music. Together with August, Saga wades into the waters of creativity to explore themes of personal liberation, African philosophy and western religion. The result is a deeply personal album that chronicles attempt to become a new man. 

Fresher than the french foreign legion I’m nothing more than Maria and Ov’s son born in gumbo but raised where a tree sprung” – Saga Asad